SAE Manager

The SAE Manager offers a unique way to handle Size Alteration Events (SAE). When the SAE Manager tab sheet becomes visible, a SAAEP:SAE=ALL; command is placed in the Command Editor. Transmit the SAAEP command, and when response printout has finished, the grid cells are automatically filled with information about each event represented in the printout.

You can also Open C1-files or SAAEP log files and extract information to the SAE grid.

A particular event in the SAE grid can be found using Search Up –Down or -Global buttons, after entering a value and / or a BLOCK name to the SAE and BLOCK fields. When found, all information from the underlying Recommendation grid are visible on the information panel, and the event can be changed to recommended - or desired value with a mouse click on the Change button. If the event has to be changed in small steps, a click on the Step button will place a data transcript (DT) on a new tab sheet editor, ready for transmission. The manager determines, whereas it is an increase (SAAII) or a decrease (SAADI). During command transmission, NI and NIU cells are updated with new values.  When changed, the cell row is indent marked with a * and the previous value is preserved in Old NI cell for use in reports. The grid can be sorted according to your preferences by a click on the title cell.

The communication can be watched in the main Terminal.  

The Recommendation grid contains application information about each event, and is subject of change according to local terms and rules. Information from the Foundations panel is used in formulas when calculating the recommendations, and they are updated when a base event is changed.

Recommendation grid contents is saved in a file named FIGARO.SAE when altered. SAE grid contents can be saved in a file with extension .SAM for continued work or report generation later.  Use Save and Load buttons to manage .SAM files. Most of the events have a hint text attached giving valuable information, when searching for an event to be changed. You can search in the hint texts by entering e.g. EXPOI to the Search Hint field and use Search Up –Down or -Global buttons to have SAE=51 pointed out. (Hint text is "Number of HW unit suites (EXPOI)")

After finished work you can  make various reports to your administration using the build in Report Generator.

SAE Manager Tab sheet

From the Read button dropdown menu you can generate DT's to read (SAAEP):

  1. All events
  2. All Hardware events
  3. All Traffic events
  4. All APZ events
  5. All APT events
  6. All Zero events (NI=0)
  7. All Changed events
  8. All Discrepant events (differs from recommendation)

From the Change button dropdown menu you can generate DT's to change (SAAII or SAADI):

  1. Set all events to zero
  2. Set all events to recommendation
  3. Set all events to current value

From the Step button dropdown menu you can generate DT's to step (SAAII or SAADI):

  1. Step all step marked events from NI to zero
  2. Step all step marked events from zero to NI
  3. Step all events to recommendation (SAAII or SAADI)

SAE Report Generator

SAE reports are generated on basis of SAE grid contents from the SAE Manager. If an event matches the selected event type, it’s included in the report. Format and destination of the report are selected by checking the radio buttons on the form. 8 different report layouts are available from the dropdown menu.

  1. All events
  2. Hardware events
  3. Traffic events
  4. APZ events
  5. APT events
  6. Zero events (NI=0)
  7. Changed events
  8. Discrepant events (differs from recommendation)

Simply select desired report type from dropdown menu, and the report will be loaded into a new tabsheet editor. 

FIGARO Size alteration report: ProFilData AXE Server - Discrepant Events.

        Time: 12-11-06 22:21:17

        SNB´s:    16575
        RP´s:     146
        SNT´s:    409
        LIBAE´s:  1088
        LIPRAE´s: 52
        ISUP´s:   2272
        EMG´s:    18
        CJ´s:     9976 

        SAE     BLOCK        NI     Old NI      NIU       Recommended NI 

         43                 135                   -        83
         46                1350                  30       850
         47                2700                 413      1700
         50                 270                  15       170
         53                  70                   -        17
         66                 512                   -       170
         79                4896                   -      9984
         87                 342                   -       409
         88                 135                   2        83
        144                1350                   -       850
        180                1500                   -      3000
        192                 810                   -       570
        301                9760                   -      6810
        302                  32                   -        64
        303                  32                   -        36

Report example

Ericsson IOG20