Device Manager

Enter device type (DETY) and one single device number (Single Device), from the sequence of individuals you are working with. The manager will calculate the corresponding SNT name and First / Last Device number of your actual sequence. You can now expand / collapse your sequence as desired, by clicking the spin buttons attached to the First / Last Device fields. Now just press desired command button to generate a command sequences, according to the  Include T0 / T16, Route and Step settings. You can e.g. generate an EXPOE command for each device in a sequence, if the application system requires so, and even reverse the output by inverting the Sort radio button.

Device types with DIGITAL PATH SUPERVISION can be supplied with a test DIP, with one single mouse click on the Test DIP button.

Output can as usual be transferred to Clax, Parameter Manager or tabsheet Editor

Device Manager tab sheet


Ericsson CCITT SS7 Signaling Terminals