Hierarchy Manager

Open the Hierarchy Manager from the Tools dropdown menu to get a list of more than 350 AXE MML commands sorted in the hierarchical order required when rebuilding a backup on a new reference backup.

For each command, you can describe which tool to use for regeneration, the number of commands in your current project and the time expected to use to generate and transmit the Data Transcript (DT). When the DT is executed, you can select the corresponding print command from the Print column and click on the Send Command label to se the result in the Terminal window. From the Terminal window the printout can be selected and copied to DualSight, where you can compare the result with the original data. Mismatches must be handled, before you proceed to the next hierarchy level. When you are satisfied with the comparison, you can double-click the Hierarchy cell to mark the hierarchy level handled Ok

The same command can be found multiple times in the hierarchy. E.g. EXROI and EXRBC commands where commands defining EMG routes must be defined before the EMG, whereas commands with parameter EMG not can be defined before the EMG is defined. Use Clax to split the EXROI Data Transcript generated using Dtax.

You can search for a particular command using the Find in Column label, and rows can be moved using the Move Up or Move Down labels or simply by dragging the row to desired position where it's dropped. Insert- and Delete Row labels to customize the hierarchy to your local data structure.

The hierarchy grid is by default saved to a file named Figaro.hcy and placed in the Figaro system folder, but you can Save different versions with names free of choice. Previously saved .hcy files can be Loaded, and you can continue your work from the first row with a blank Ok cell. The loaded .hct file is displayed in the down most status bar. The entire grid content can also be exported to a Microsoft Excel file (.xls) 

When you have finished the job, it's a good idea to clear the Ok cells, if you are using the default .hcy file. Use Clear All Tags label to reset the Ok column.

Figaro Hierarchy Manager


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