Other Features

Not Accepted

When this tab sheet is visible, all commands rejected by NOT ACCEPTED in the main terminal is summarized in this editor with FAULT CODE appended. From here they can be retransmitted, saved, printed or modified as in any other Editor. Note that commands rejected during retransmission are added to the list again, so it's recommended to cut/paste the list to a new editor before transmission.

RP-EM Address

Easy and simple calculation of RP-address plug number, RP-bus interface number, EM- address plug number /switch positions is available on the Address tab sheet.

Find Empty RP

RP’s not controlling at least one EM, can cause severe fault situations during CP-side switch and function changes. It’s recommended, always to search for empty RP’s prior to such tasks. Click on the EXRPP Label to transmit an EXRPP:RP=ALL; towards the connected AXE. When printout has finished, an outline including all RP’s is now shown with RPTWIN's presented as child nodes. Now click the EXEMP label to transmit an EXEMP:RP=ALL,EM=ALL; command. When this printout has finished, all RP’s controlling at least one EM are deleted from the outline, which now hopefully remains empty. Otherwise, you are asked if you want commands to delete the RP’s generated. In case of acceptance these are presented in the rightmost field, from where  commands can be transferred to Editor, Clax or Parameter Manager for further handling or transmitted line by line directly from the field.

If any manually separated RP’s (MS) are found during load of the EXRPP log file, they are listed in the All Separated RP’s field. If a RP is in state MS during function change or test loading of backup, it will loose contact to CP-EX, and underlying EM’s can’t handle traffic. So it’s important to make sure that all RP’s are in correct state before starting these jobs.


 (Tobax) ToolBox

The classic ToolBox (Tobax) known from all previous versions of Figaro is still available, and is now implemented as a single tab sheet. New regeneration tools are not appended ToolBox, but are now only part of Dtax. ToolBox still offers unique customizable command generators and printout analyzers not found elsewhere.