Before you start a ConvEx conversion consider if: 
  1. All SAE’s are set properly?
  2. Need to use a factor for any device number?
  3. If a factor is used, are corresponding SAE's set to the new highest value?
  4. Need to change any SUID during conversion?
  5. Is RP, RPBC, STC or EM-1 already defined?
  6. If not, check the RP/STC check box
  7. Is Route data already defined?
  8. If not, check the Route check box
  9. In order to execute SULGI commands, is global CLINET defined with command SUCOI?
  10. Do you want ConvEx to generate EXPOI, EXAL, SLPBC, SULGI, SURSC and SULCC commands?
  11. Pause migration if NOT ACCEPTED is received or handle rejected commands from Error List?
  12. Convert directly to Terminal B or make DT to transmit from Figaro?
  13. If you generate DT’s – do you want to include print commands for Terminal A?