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New !          Free unlimited 2023 version of Sight and PowerPack 2023 trial available for download.

Profildata has since 1995 served the AXE vendor and  telephone companies around the globe with development of professional software for communication, test, support, conversion and migration purposes. Our basic Sight application fully replaces the official Ericsson WinFiol and OSS applications, and our extended applications offers hundreds of extra features and tools, designed to fulfill any sophisticated demand.

All our programs are based on the Sight platform. Sight is a basic terminal emulator for communication with an Ericsson AXE node via Internet / LAN or directly connected to V24 / RS232 interface. Sight offers all basic features required to interact with an Ericsson AXE. Configuration of protocols, fonts and colors. Unlimited tab sheet editors with popup menus and drag and drop features between terminal window and command line. Integrated transmit - and log file options with script support. Many unique and useful features specially designed to serve AXE data transcripts and MML commands.

Add your choice of sophisticated managers and data transcript tools and turn Sight into world famous Figaro.

All applications support most used Ericsson AXE Application Systems (AS) in wireline and wireless networks. ( Local 7, TL4, Goas 1.2 and Enabler 1.0), and support Ethernet / TCP-IP protocol for remote access targeting IOG11, IOG20, APG30 and APG40. Sight and Figaro also supports asynchronous serial protocols targeting IOG11, IOG20 and MTU (EMRP) in buffered or TTY mode and direct Telnet connection towards Adjunct Processor Group (APG) using port 23.

Figaro   MaxSus

Figaro 7 is the most comprehensive test- and support program ever developed to the Ericsson AXE system.

The program benefits by a modern and user friendly Windows interface, which provides an integrated all-in-one environment with proficient tools and managers, inter-working with an advanced terminal emulator.

Generate or regenerate Data Transcripts (DT) with a mouse click or use managers for easy handling of Size Alterations (SAE), Command Log and most hardware.



Use MaxSus to migrate PSTN and ISDN-E subscribers data from one AXE plant to another, or from old hardware (RSS, SSS or RSM) to new hardware. (ASM, Engine Access Ramp (EAR), Access 910) without moving cross connection wires (MDF).

Migrate all Business Group Subscriber (BGS) data by sending only one BGBGP command.

Free choice of DETY and option to change DEV numbers and classes (SCL)

Millions of PSTN / POTS / ISDNE subscriber numbers are migrated worldwide, to new plants or new hardware, using Figaro or MaxSus.



ConvEx   DualSight

Use ConvEx to convert EMG hardware data between two AXE plants without loose of data, with optional change of device numbers and regional software (SUID). (L7.2 to Enabler tables included)

Regenerate any EMG related printout into Data Transcripts (DT) to redefine and deblock the hardware. Conversion of CLC to CSLDEV included.



Compare any AXE printout directly in terminal window or in advanced configurable sort grid with option to exclude parameter columns and position rows.

DualSight offers brilliant survey of program corrections and software status, by online comparison down to assembler level.



Simulate the AXE   Interface the AXE

Use the AXE server to simulate the AXE's MML interface. The server based program can act exactly as a live AXE with Ethernet connection and can serve any client that connects to the server socket from anywhere on the Internet.



InSight is a bridge-building application allowing service provider companies to access the AXE interface via Internet / Intranet, without concern about protocol-interpreters and interface issues.